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Lite Moon's Journal

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6th August 2008

11:10am: Holy crap, this thing is still here.
Uh. Wow. Hi. Arty and uh, Kupok, and Bio hazard, if you guys are still around.

19th June 2006

7:58am: Wow, I had almost completely forgot about this thing. o.o

So yeah, I've been a busy Mongoose. Between Cavestory, Kaidelong, and RO, I'm having the time of my life.

Well, Cept I lost my CD Case with all my games...a nd memory cards.

and My CD player I had for two years died on me. T.T Oh well.

Got five hours of sleep last night, up late playing RO with kaide...



Hiya all my LJ friends!

25th March 2006

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STolen from the Moogle..

24th March 2006

4:41pm: So I found Spazzy's Address...


I've been thinking alot about him lately... I want to call him, I want him to pick up... I want to hear his voice and I want to say I'm sorry for sabotaging his life... He keeps telling me that it wasn't my fault! But it is, there's no denying it...

There was a horrible thunderstorm last night, I wasn't too afraid, because I know that lightening don't touch ground here, but the thunder kept me up for a long time. Thinking of him the entire time... I need to stop! He doesn't want to be with me, I know, I've caused too much damage to him. I keep remembering the time... the last time he called me...


I feel so guilty...

My head hurts... but we'll be moving soon.. won't see me around much..
Current Mood: depressed

20th March 2006

7:33pm: ... IT's awesome when you walk to two stores in order to find ingredients for dinner, cook it, then get your mother to call the cops on you.

17th March 2006

4:23pm: SO My Grandmother keeps buying me bigger and bigger underwear. My family is having fun with size 42 she got me. >.>

14th March 2006

7:43am: (I cried for a long time last night. Sorry to those that don't want to hear this.
I had a strange dream last night, I don't even remember what happened, but I know who it wa s about... Spazslash. He's been missing for about a month now. I remember when I kept thinking, He'll be on soon, he's just having a busy week...

Maybe I should still be thinking like that.

When he never came, I tried to tell myself that he had found something better in his life, I remember... he has a girlfriend now. He found something that made him happy and he no longer needs me... Yet, I still felt so damn Abadoned. I felt Angry and upset. Was I not important to him? Did he just forget about me? I didn't want anything to do with him... I didn't try to keep in contact with him at all...

Spazzy, I'm sorry. I wish I could call you and talk to you. I wish I could tell you how much I miss you...

Please Come back Spazzy, Please talk to me.)
Current Mood: crushed

13th March 2006

9:43am: "So, you want to cross the Endless Plains, eh?" Grey sighed deeply, shifting slightly in his seat, scooting his empty bowl away from him. He couldn't help but flash a smile to the innkeeper, who seemed to avoid the two in their deep conversation. People treated him this way, but he was content, and wasn't exactly friendly himself.

"Yeah, I just feel... well... " Mongoose scratched the back of his head, sighing loudly, trying to figure out what to say. "Like something's calling me to the other side, if that makes any sense."

"Fine, " Grey responded quickly, taking a glance towards the window. It was almost completely impossible to see out of it, the rain was pouring down so hard. "Only if you do a few things for me first."

Mongoose tilted his head, Grey wasn't someone who'd usually bargin with his friends. "...And what would that be?" He asked, staring at his dark friend.

"First, I want you to accompany me to visit Everbane." Grey recieved a shocked look from his friend.

"The Dark Elves?! Are you suicidal or just trying to get me killed?"

"No, I have... business there." Grey seemed hesistant to tell.

"Fine, but if I die, I'm going to haunt you, got that?" Mongoose smiled, actually getting a chuckle from the wolf across the table.

"Alright, Second. You need to pay for the extra night stay..."

2nd March 2006

1:02pm: The beauty and peace of the inn was quickly forgotten as Mongoose noticed something completely out of place. It seemed that there was another customer that day. A somewhat muscular Anthro Wolf, he had deep grey fur, with his tail tip and ears licked with a dark black, a shadow in the bright, friendly inn. Mongoose smirked, he had never expected to see Grey, in fact, the wolf seemed to just appear whenever he was needed.

Mongoose took a seat across the wolf, who looked up from the large mug he was drinking from. Mongoose smirked and the wolf swallowed loudly before lowering his cup down onto the decorated oak table. Grey looked down into his cup, swirling the light colored liquid around in a circle.

"Mongoose." Grey's voice was deep, mysterious, just as much as he was. Mongoose smiled at the wolf, giving a soft chuckle.

"Grey, it's nice to see you again. Still not much of a talker, are you?" Mongoose spoke in a cheerful tone, almost completely oppisite of Grey, yet the wolf may act like a tough, uncaring bastard, that was just what appeared on the outside. He was willing to help any of his friends out and even lend a hand out to those he thought were worthwhile.

"Yeah, nice to see you too." He responded, glancing at the innkeeper who came to serve them. The innkeeper offered them both a small bowl of steaming hot soup, made from forest mushrooms. He also refilled Grey's green tea and offered Mongoose the same, who took the hot drink gladly. Mongoose thanked the innkeeper and also asked for a few hard boiled eggs. Grey shook his head slowly, Mongoose could almost never pass up a meal. The wolf shifted in his seat, staring hard at Mongoose. "So, you wouldn't be talking to me, unless you needed something..."
Current Mood: Creative

25th February 2006

4:02pm: It was early morning when Mongoose had awoken and got ready for the day. He left the forest quickly, eager to get to his first destination before the rain came pouring down on him. It wasn't too hard to tell it was going to rain, the air was quite chilly and the sky was even darker now that the clouds had completely covered the sky, blocking out not only the setting moon, but the rising sun. He had a quick breakfast, just a random rodent that he had picked up on his way out of the forest and judging by the various flavors, it was a rat.

The rain came down, hard. It poured over Mongoose, hurting his shoulders. He kept his ears folded, lest he create another ocean for pirates to patrol. He took long powerful leaps, making the rain whip against his body, sting his chest and face. He could see the silent village of Gertyle, always such a quiet village, because it was so out of the way of everywhere else. The people their kept it from getting busy, yet those who visited would always find such beautiful artwork or crafts to furnish their homes with. The people were wonderfully skilled with thier hands, time seem to pass incrediably slow there, which made the people, relaxed, yet hard working.

Mongoose ran quickly into the first place he could take cover in, a local inn. Water pouring down his fur and clothing, making him shiver from the cold. He hated cold, it made him feel lonely and depressed. He was greeted by a friendly elderly human male, his back bent over with age, a long grey tangle of hair running down his chin, his head completely hairless. He smiled friendly at Mongoose and offered the soaking fur a towel and a large warm cotton robe. Mongoose smiled slowly, bowing in thanks to the old man, who promptly shown him to a private room where he could change and make himself presentable.

After five minutes, Mongoose stepped out of the room, hanging the large, white towel over a string thread across the hallway, the fluffy white robe wrapped tightly around his body, warming him. He murred loudly, feeling much more refreshed and comfortable. He hurried to get something to eat. He stepped into the dining room, glancing at the beautiful surroundings.
Current Mood: Creative

22nd February 2006

9:45pm: "Graaaaahhhh!!!"
Mongoose yelled out into the air, sending birds scattering into the air, his cry echoing throughout the large forest, startling those that lived that there. He grunted loudly, turning to a near-by tree, sending his fist through the tree trunk, forcing psyhic energy down his arm, the energy bursting forth from his fist and shattering the trees behind it. He was left panting loudly, his legs trembling, his body tired from putting too much energy into a single blast. He jerked his paw free from the tree, leaving a large, gaping hole within it's trunk. He turned around, closing his eyes, leaning back against the tree. He frowned, sitting down, his head hung low, suddenly feeling tired, drained.

He opened his eyes slowly, finding the forest dark, the sky covered with thick grey clouds. The sun had passed, the moon hanging alone in the sky. It seems he had fallen asleep, which was nice, since it ment less time to be depressed, less time to think about the problems that plagued his mind. He stood up slowly, stretching his tense muscles out slowly. He glanced around him, he frowned, seeing the destruction he caused. He shook his head slowly, shrugging his shoulders, well, at least he wouldn't be out of toothpicks for a while. His stomach growled loudly, he hadn't eaten anything since early that morning. He began trudging through the forest, searching for food.

Mongoose sat down at the western edge of his temporary home, staring deep into the dark horizon. He gives a soft sigh, feeling the cold wind gently trail over his fur, watching it comb over the long, thick grass that was the Endless Plains. It wasn't really Endless, everyone knew that, it was just called that, because those that travel across it, never came back. He swallowed hard, knowing that he himself, will have to journey across these plains one day, the thought made him excited and scared. He would be travelling into a completely new land, with new people, new challenges, new threats. He sighed loudly, lifting his legs up, wrapping his arms around his knees. Tommorow, he'll go look for someone to travel with... someone to keep him from getting lonely...
Current Mood: Creative

19th February 2006

1:02pm: Oh and before I forget, Happy V-Day... I geuss.
12:41pm: Man, We're getting evicted.

12th February 2006

1:50pm: I feel betrayed...

10th February 2006

1:03pm: Haven't seen Spaz around...

3rd February 2006

5:56pm: God, I'm worthless...
1:59pm: She's doing it to me again..
My mother, what a bitch. I haven't been going to school at all and until last week, it didn't seem to bother her.

Yeah, you all can start on about how school is so important to me and that I should go and waste my life away sitting in one of those uncomfortable plastic chairs, freezing my ass off in those cold white rooms, with freaking BARS on the windows. I mean c`mon, metal, FREAKING METAL, bars that go across the windows like we are freaking JAILBIRDS.

Oh yeah, somethings aren't so bad, you know? It keeps me out of my mother's hair everyday, I get to hang out with my friends, and hey! I get to learn too right? WRONG. Going to School on Wednesday's and Friday's, what used to be... THE GOOD DAYS, means I will be lounging around for 20 mins in the first period of the day and if I put on my headphones and try to listen to something other than HIPPIE TECHNO, then I get my CD player confiscated. Then, after that, I get stuck with Yoga time. Oh yes. After 20 minutes of uncomfortable sitting, I get Yoga time. Stretch that fat ass Wilson! So by the time my teacher actually, starts the lesson, I'm already unwilling to work. Then we go to our advisory class after that, which I do the same damn thing, lay my head down on desk and close my eyes and feel my arms just go to sleep! Unless it's Wednesday, because on Wednesday's, THAT FREAKING CLASS IS EXTENDED. So then, it's recess, ten minute break to... walk around the campus aimlessly.

After that, it's *Gasp!* The class I used to look foreward the most! Advanced Culinary. Right? Advanced. Okay, so I did hear that right. So let me just say... FALSE ADVERTISING. Another class I just love, because, we never have anything planed for the day. You know? It's ADVANCED Culinary, you know? You go there, You're supposed to get... educated on nutrion and what the fuck not? Right? We're supposed to go into the kitchen and back some cookies? you know? A Multi step Freakin, RECIPIE. And let me tell you something, Banana pancakes, after the first semster, Is not advanced cooking! Last year I had basic and we made Pasta!

So now I'm beat right? It's just after lunch and all I've been doing the entire day, is sleeping. Right? Yes. All I've been doing, is laying my head on the table and falling asleep, or at least trying to. So now it's the last period of the day, and you know you oversleep, you end up feeling even more tired than when you fell asleep. So it's the last period of the damn day, It invovles computers, which wasn't so bad the last two years. Now I'm Junior. I'm supposed to be thinking up project ideas for helping the enviorment, keeping an updated webpage/portfolio thing... and so forth. Which, would still be completly awesome if the rest of my day wasn't complete and utter shit, I wouldn't be avoiding school all the damn time. So I'm so far back in that class it's not worth to actually pick up on something.

Tuesdays and Thrusdays, we actually do something. But... x.x It's still just as bad as the rest of the days. English class... Fuck I've just completely given up on school already. I'm so damn tired of feeling completely worthless... And you know, school don't help one damn bit. In fact, that's the entire reason why I feel worthless. I flunked japanese one year and WOAH, there went my sense of pride in my work you know? I used to love school, it was awesome. Ya know? I'd go to school, have classes where I did advanced work. It made me feel proud, it did. I took band, my science class... well, it wasn't all notetaking, I'll tell you that. My teacher promoted creativity,

Godammit, She just won't leave me alone, not anymore... I need to go.

9th January 2006

8:44am: Hmm.. Toook this again..
I am a A Orange Dragon!

Hey, I took the http://dragonhame.com online Inner Dragon quiz and found out I am a Orange Dragon on the inside.

In the war between good and evil, a Orange Dragon tends to walk the fine line of Neutrality....
When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon walks a fine line between Law and Chaos....
As far as magical tendancies, a Orange Dragon's nature does not lend itself well to the ways of Magic....
During combat situations, the Orange Dragon shows a preference for the rending and slashing of Hand to Hand combat....
The Orange Dragon makes it's home within active volcanoes. They are immune to all forms of fire from an early age.'
Orange dragons are one of the most powerful of dragons. Orange dragons love to hoard treasure and magic items. They also enjoy soaring high over their domains, where they may survey their entire territory and all that takes place therein.'
At birth, an orange dragon's scales are a dull orange, and reach a bright orange once the young adult stage is obtained, at which time they also develop dark black ribbings on both the top and bottom wing surfaces. An orange dragon is a fierce opponent and will rarely, if ever, back down or flee from a fight, unless clearly outnumbered. An orange dragon's breath weapon is a gigantic cone of magma.
This Dragons favorite elements are: Molten Lava and Courage

8:29am: Heard this on the radio last night...
Have you ever loved somebody so much
It makes you cry
Have you ever needed something so bad
You can't sleep at night
Have you ever tried to find the words
But they don't come out right
Have you ever, have you ever

Have you ever been in love
Been in love so bad
You'd do anything to make them understand
Have you ever had someone steal your heart away
You'd give anything to make them feel the same
Have you ever searched for words to get you in their heart
But you don't know what to say
And you don't know where to start

Have you ever loved somebody so much
It makes you cry
Have you ever needed something so bad
You can't sleep at night
Have you ever tried to find the words
But they don't come out right
Have you ever, have you ever

Have you ever found the one
You've dreamed of all of your life
You'd do just about anything to look into their eyes
Have you finally found the one you've given your heart to
Only to find that one won't give their heart to you
Have you ever closed your eyes and
Dreamed that they were there
And all you can do is wait for the day when they will care

Have you ever loved somebody so much
It makes you cry
Have you ever needed something so bad
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Have you ever tried to find the words
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What do I gotta do to get you in my arms baby
What do I gotta say to get to your heart
To make you understand how I need you next to me
Gotta get you in my world
'Cuz baby I can't sleep

Have you ever loved somebody so much
It makes you cry
Have you ever needed something so bad
You can't sleep at night
Have you ever tried to find the words
But they don't come out right
Have you ever, have you ever
Current Mood: calm

8th January 2006

9:38am: WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF...?
» I committed suicide:
» I said I liked you:
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- Who are you?
- Are we friends?
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- What's your honest opinion of me?
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- Do you miss me when I'm not around?
- Do you love me?
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- Would you attack me?
- Would you hug me?
- Would you kiss me?
- Would you fuck me?
- Are we close?
- Are we close enough?
- Why or why not?
- Emotionally, what stands out?
- Do you wish I was cooler?
- On a scale of 1-10, how nice am I?
- Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
- Am I loveable?
- Am I huggable?
- How long have you known me?
- Describe me in one word.
- What was your first impression?
- Do you still think that way about me now?
- What do you think my strength is?
- What do you think my weakness is?
- Do you think I'll get married?
- What about me makes you happy?
- What about me makes you sad?
- How often do you think of me?
- What reminds you of me?
- What's something you would change about me?
- How well do you know me?
- Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
- Do you think I would kill someone?
- Are you going to put this on your journal and see what I say about you?

6th January 2006

9:17am: Love Forever....
So.. I was planning to write a post here today about how I'm single again... but now I just don't have any... any energy for that. I geuss. *He shrugs* Oh well.
Current Mood: Whatever

30th December 2005

9:43am: Ahhhh...
So now that I'm finally home and filled with good, lovely, Loco Moco (Ask me Later) I can finally start on that Livejournal post I've been meaning to do.

As you know, I went on Vacation. I went to California, drove into Utah, then back to Las Vegas. I have to say, My Vacations to the Philipines go better. We stayed at a hotel in Anaheim and the first thing I noticed, the very first thing, was how INSANE people were driving. Here the highways are like... 55 MPH. There, Everyone was flying past 80. Psycho, really. Disneyland was okay. The Hotel was really mediocre (Compared to here? Ha! Wimpiest pool I've ever seen in my life.) Disneyland was magickal. I loved Splash Mountain(You fill me with sweet sugary goodness)

Then we drove for hours to Utah. Whilest the entire time, my family is fighting with each other. (Opens a New tab in Firefox)....Okay I'm back. Anyways, My mother and my stepfather were constantly argueing with each other and getting each other pissed and what not. Oh well. Utah was awesome. We stayed in St. Green, sorry, St. George or... Whatever! We were down in St. Utah and we stayed with my stepfathers sister. Then we drove up to Cedar City and I visited another Fur, We... We almost had sex. But I was nervous and shy and kept pulling my hips away when she was trying to suck on me. (To be honest, this isn't the first time, I've pulled away when someone was giving me oral. Ask me later. I'm trying to hurry this.) And then we went up into the canyon to see the snow. It was fun, until my new pants got soaked and it was like.. a half an hour drive back to Daryl's place. Wet, Freezing crotch, isn't good. I stayed the night and met her roomate. I liked her roomate, She's clumsy, funny, and hot. She slipped on the stairs when she first got into the house. I wanted to crack up. My parents came and picked me up, took me back to St Whatever and I got to play with a composite bow. Damn it was awesome, cept I almost shot my little sister and my whatever you call your aunty's daughter. They were hiding in the target, it was a big cardboard box. Then! Then we got hit with a storm. I think on the news they said 97MPH wind (o.o) But I know, I was miserable! The electricity went out and my batteries died on my CD plaayer! >-< On the... 27? 26? We drove to Las Vegas and stayed in Circus Circus. I then got really pissed off at my mother and yelled at her. I really don't like getting angry like that.. because then I hit a low, ya know? I get really depressed after.

Circus Circus was okay. I enjoyed the arcade (woo! Space Invaders! Centipede! Millipede! House of the Dead 3!) Then after another 6 hour Airplane Flight, we got back home.

Dammit, I'm still freaking horny.
Current Mood: HYPER

24th December 2005

1:48pm: I just had my first faceful of snow....

I'm cold now.
9:29am: Ups and downs, UPS and DOWNS. This vacation is driving this Umbreon insane.(As if I wasn't already insane.)It's nice, really, but the city is too fast, too much concrete, and too crazy for me to stay too long in. Thank Goddess Obsi that I'm out of Anaheim and Las Vegas.

The road trip with my parents pissed me off. This and That and that and this, always yelling at each other. I wanted to beat them into pulp and make Obsi's Orange Juice with them.

Well... Can't really talk about anything right now... so.
Kiss me. And Merry Chrissymas.

12th December 2005

8:51pm: Had a good dream.
So I had this dream. It was... wierd, I geuss you can say. But it left me feeling really good.

I was talking to this elder bunny, (Think Disney style, standing on two feet, back haunched over, leaning over a wooden cane.) and he granted me this ablity to morph into different animals. After being given this ablity, I fell asleep. I woke, finding myself floating down this beautiful river as... a rabbit, I think. And there were animals staring along side this river. Frogs, bunnies, birds, deer, and then... drakes (Well, I call them drakes. Those little dragons with two legs, wings, and grows no bigger than a chicken. You know. The Chibi Dragons.) And... I dove into the water, and transformed into a red drake and climbed along side the river. I then met a black drake. And we... well, I'll put it... Nested together... or had a clutch. Or whatever! We had eggs and I was enjoying myself, until one day the waterfall, just stopped flowing. So I transformed again, to a... something... and climbed up the mountain to find my human father there, blocking the flow of the water. I transformed back into a human and I started to tear it down. When my father found out, he went crazy, and hit me. he then picked up some of my forest friends. (A Rabbit, A skunk, and a fox.) And tried to run them over with his lawnmower... and then I woke up.

It was such a nice dream...
Current Mood: sick
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